At Design Tech, our ultimate goal is Client Satisfaction. Our many decades of experience in the field of architecture enables us to achieve and realize The Clients’ vision vis a vis the project’s constraints such as zoning, environmental and economic elements.

Following is a short overview of how we approach our projects at each phase:


blueprintsPre-Design & Programming Phase:

Extensive and in-depth interviews are conducted with The Clients and important information is gathered. Even though the process is similar in both residential and commercial projects, there are indeed subtle differences which are acknowledged and considered accordingly.

Some of the most important issues addressed at this stage are budget, time, size, zoning and urban contexts, as well as architectural style.


Schematic Design Phase:

Over the years one of the nuances we discovered in the practice of architecture is how to earn a certain level of trust from the clients specially those who are working with us for the first time. We eventually devised an approach in which involves the presentation of several ideas rather than only one. During this first and important presentation we explain the merits and pros and cons of each design approach. Whether it is style, practical design aspects such as access, privacy, spatial relationships, circulation, massing etc. or other considerations such as structural, economic, or environmental issues.

We are convinced that The Client must be an integral part of this process in order to be fully satisfied that all elements have been considered and every solution searched for.


A-Triplex01Design Development Phase:

Today’s successful projects are the ones that address a wide range of issues such as context, environment, energy, labor, material availability and trade specialties, technology, as well as style and artistic aspects of the building. Once a preliminary design is selected, the project moves into a phase where many aspects of design as well as construction are examined.

We make special effort to communicate with The Owners that it is best to exhaust all solutions and possibilities at this stage and prior to moving on to the next stage in order to minimize change orders and time delays.

Construction Documentation Phase:

In this crucial phase we use our technical expertise and creative solutions to transform a conceptual idea into a real living and breathing building which when done well will bring joy and comfort to its owners, occupants, as well as the community.

We believe it is vital for the architect to take the lead in coordination of various project consultants such as geotechnical and civil, structural and mechanical or lighting and acoustic engineers, as well as landscape architects, and interior designers, etc.

Prior to submittal to the various city and municipal agencies we conduct an in-house review and inform the project consultants of any issues discovered and request them to be addressed in order to facilitate a smoother Plan Check Process.

Plan Check Process & Building Permit Phase:

ladbs1Once construction documents are submitted and plan check comments are received they are immediately routed to each consultant for correction. We make certain that each item is addressed carefully and meetings are conducted with the plan checker to clarify any possible confusion. Consultants are encouraged to do the same in order to avoid redundant correction requests by the agencies and consequently save valuable time and resources.

Bid Phase:

After building permits are issued construction documents are provided to selected contractors. An effort is made to provide further information and clarification to the bidders if requested in order for them to be able to provide accurate bids and avoid future change orders and time delays.