At Design Tech Construction we strive in delivering quality, craftsmanship, as well as time and cost efficiency by closely following our strict guidelines developed over the years. Here is how we achieve Client Satisfaction:

Bid Phase:

P00p01CoverThree bids minimum are obtained for every trade.

Three estimates minimum are obtained from vendors and suppliers.

In Cost Plus contracts an extensive bid examination is followed by a detail review withThe Owners if desired.

Due diligence is practiced in background check on every subcontractor regarding qualification, financial stability, as well as quality of work and proof of various insurance policies.



preconstruction-713x424Constructability Review:

Detail examination of construction documents.

Value Engineering:

With The Owners’ approval, conduct meetings with project consultants to discuss saving possibilities in areas of civil engineering such as grading & drainage, structural engineering such as foundation and framing, as well as the mechanical engineering such as electrical, mechanical and plumbing.



Obtain feedback from subcontractors utilizing their field knowledge in specialty trades  such as steel, concrete, active solar energy systems, etc.


A detailed schedule; normally using Critical Path Method; is presented to The Owners for review, comments, and questions.

Construction Phase:


Safety of the site, crew, and visitors are our number one priority. Adherence to OSHA(Occupational Safety & Health Administration) standards and requirements are mandatory and fully enforced.

Adherence to the Schedule:

It is our goal to make the construction process an enjoyable process for The Owners.

The best way to achieve that goal is to make certain all milestones are met on time and  in case of unavoidable delays such as weather conditions or material unavailability, a Recovery Schedule is devised in order to meet the timeline requirement.

Inspection Process:

In order to facilitate a smooth progress, it is of the utmost importance to manage The inspection process effectively and gain the trust and confidence of various City Agencies’ inspectors. That goal is achieved by making sure inspection requests are made when tasks are completely ready for the corresponding items to be inspected and all required corrections are fully addressed and completed in case of a re-inspection.

Furthermore, any and all change orders and revisions must be processed and approved by the Department of Building & Safety and presented to the inspector.In case of re-inspection, we make certain that all required corrections are fully addressed and completed prior to the request.

Logistics, Site Managements & Public Relation:

Being mindful of construction sequences and managing the site allows the project to move forward smoothly and with the least amount of disturbance and discomfort to the neighbors and neighborhood. Such tasks include deliveries and storage as well as debris and refuse management.

Financial Management:

In order to ensure project funds are never mismanaged, special attention is paid to the processing of the subcontractors’ payment requests. Tasks include careful review of the requests for completion and accuracy, and collection of Lien Releases from subcontractors and their suppliers.

Post Construction Phase:

Completed (3)Final Walkthrough & Punch List:

At the end of the project, a final walkthrough with The Client is conducted, a punch list created and completed to their satisfaction.


Job site construction sets, permit cards, final occupancy permit, warranties, list of subcontractors and suppliers along with their final Lien Releases are among some of the construction documents collected, organized, and submitted to the Owners at the end of the project.