Real Estate Staging

Residential Real Estate Staging:

Our company’s diversified expertise of architecture, interior design and construction allows us to provide a unique range of ideas and solutions to our clients:


Vacant Properties:

Dining Room-(After)For properties that have been vacated and are on the market, we provide an array of hand picked furniture and accessories that complements the architectural style of the house. Our inventory includes contemporary and traditional pieces selected to please our discerning clientele. We also offer simple and inexpensive solutions to alleviate simple architectural problems such as:

Adding or removing a wing wall, a window, architectural moldings such as crown or baseboards and other decorative elements.

Other measures might include changing floor or wall finishes, paint colors, window treatments and electrical fixtures such as wall sconces and ceiling mounted fixtures.

We offer the same approach to outdoor living spaces and offer solutions such as replacing pavers, painting retaining walls, pergolas and other outdoor features as well as outdoor lighting or addition or deletion of plant pallets.

Occupied Properties:

7-Living RoomIn addition to solutions mentioned above, we provide a different and more affordable approach to owner occupied residences. Our first attempt is to maximize the use of existing furniture in the house.

Perhaps some can be relocated, refinished or utilized in a different manner. For example an old armoire in a bedroom can have its doors removed and utilized as a decorative cabinet in the kitchen nook, etc.

we then propose adding new pieces from our inventory to better showcase the property. Once again, simple architectural solutions may be offered to improve function and circulation.

Such measures might include framing a few wing or pony walls to create an entry, or installing or removing a door to create a better zoned public and private spaces, etc.