Sky Road Estates

Sky Road Estates

[easymedia-gallery med=”1169,1184,1188,1192,1196″ filter=”1″]Located in Mill Valley, California, this four lot subdivision project was completed in 2008 and over a fifteen year period. The services performed included:

  • Planning: Encompassing tentative map, precise map, and final map
  • Architectural:

Concept Design including site development, design development and approval from the Marin County Planning Commission and other pertinent agencies,

Production of contract and bid documents.

  • Limited Construction Supervision

These luxury villas featured views of the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco and Richardson Bay, as well as Marin Headlands and Sausalito harbor. They ranged between six to eight thousand square feet in area and featured extensive site development including swimming pool and spa, guest house, and vineyard.